Posted by: youluckybum | April 2, 2010

An ah-ha moment!

I had a real ah-ha moment several weeks ago.  It was one of those moments that you hope you will remember forever.  I was listening to my soon-to-be-ex husband tell me that our kids (both grown) and I always say “you were never there.”  He was complaining/defending himself and I got it!  The whole glass half empty, glass half full thing!  I said, “Well instead of us always complaining and saying the same thing over and over, what would you have heard if we had said it differently?  If we would have said, ‘we missed you today, and it would sure have been more fun with you there, and we really love you and want you to be part of our lives’, would you have been able to hear that?”  I don’t think it was the ah-ha moment for him that it was for me.  But it got me to thinking.  What if we approached everything like that?  What if we came from our heart instead of our head?  How would that be?  How would that change our lives?  I think it is definitely worth exploring! Comments please!


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