Posted by: youluckybum | April 3, 2010

Letting Go

Have you ever had the situation where you basically believed something someone else said without really looking at it or examining it?  Not only that, but you realize that you have taken on this belief as your own for a very long time? Well that is what I realized yesterday.  At first I felt bad because I took on the belief like I always do….but then I realized I was feeling really bad and decided to stop and look at it a bit.  In doing that, I began to feel worse because then the conversation that had taken place was being replayed in my head over and over again…..ugh!  So I took the whole issue to a different level and asked a co-worker about her experience.  Listening to her made me feel better..but not in the right way.  I was feeling better because I had stopped the conversation in my head; not because I had “figured” anything out.  But then it happened…..I was in mid-sentence and I realized, “OH MY GOSH!” I don’t really agree with these thoughts or feelings….I really don’t believe what was said and yet I took it on and started arguing my case because of it. What a great moment!  I kind of walked around for a bit thinking about all the times I had done this.  Taken what my father, teacher, husband; someone had said, as truth merely because they said it and they believed it!  Wow!

How about you? Can you relate?



  1. Yes sometimes we get wrapped up in other people’s emotions even though we might have another experience then them. And I can do this too, I am very senstive to other people’s emotions and as a healer it feels natural for me to support and help. It can certainly be a challenge sometimes to keep a distance. The important thing is to know whne to stop yourself from doing this. Being supportive is different from taking on other people’s burdens.
    With Love, Ann-Sofie (

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