Posted by: youluckybum | April 21, 2010

lucky bum

Today is a day to think about how I am a lucky bum.  Where do I begin? I am lucky from myself (good health) to where I live (Hawaii) to where I work (one mile away) to what I do and to the friends and family that I have and appreciate.  I am a lucky bum because I want to be.  I want to be happy.  I want to be healthy and I want to move everyday in the direction of my desires.

But being a lucky bum can also be the smallest of things.  Or what appears to be small, but really isn’t.  Finding and paying a bill before it is due that you totally forgot about.  Bringing a jacket and using it when the weather didn’t give you a clue. Waking up early and seeing a sunrise you would have missed if you laid in bed and been bummed that you woke up before the alarm.  Thinking about and then running into an old friend.  Paving the way for a tremendous meeting and having it turn out just the way you wanted.  Having an animal in your life that keeps you present and sometimes sane.  Getting a phone call when you needed it most.  Having a neighbor take away your gardening rubbish as a kind gesture and totally unexpected.

I like being a lucky bum.  Don’t we all?  And I think the more I look for things to add to this list, the more they will come….!  I’ll let you know!



  1. I will join you on this sentiment, luckybum. I am a luckybum too!! I just came home from the doctor’s office and the doctor had good news for me (no cancer, yeah!) I can think of many other things for which I am a luckybum…let’s see… my family, the hugs I get everyday from my second grade students, my beautiful home near the beach, this glass of wine I am sipping on, the breeze that is coming into my open bedroom window (April in Florida is a great month. No need for AC yet). I could go on.

    I know what a luckybum you are for I grew up in Hawaii and know what a beautiful place it is. Where abouts do you live?

    Take care and god bless!

    The Warm Milk Journal

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