Posted by: youluckybum | April 23, 2010

The art of Daydreaming

I want to daydream again.  I use to do it as a child, and I remember it was thoroughly enjoyable.  I was pretty good at it, I think.  I could really get myself away from wherever I physically was pretty easy.  It was like reading a good book, but you get to be the author.  You get to decide where you go, how long you stay, who shows up and the happy ending.  I like it.

I am wondering if I can practice my way back to daydreaming?  Now I try to let my thoughts wander and just about the time they are really taking off somewhere, I notice that I am daydreaming and back I come.  This is much like meditating actually.  I got up at 5 am for over a year when my kids were small to meditate.  It took over a month before I would say I actually was able to calmly do it and enjoy it. 

Daydreaming is very different that meditation though.  In meditation you want to quiet your mind, think of nothing and let your mind almost shut down.  Daydreaming is probably almost all about the mind and the imagination, I guess. 

Daydreaming seems to be an activity that young children and old people do.  I use to watch my grandfather daydream.  At the time, I thought it was remembering his past, and there definitely was that.  But now I realize he was also daydreaming.  Taking himself to places never seen or to situations always wanted or considered.  Very uplifting really.  But at the time I thought it sad.

So, I will continue to develop the art of daydreaming.  Why?  Why all this fuss about daydreaming?  Because it can be so uplifting, so personal, so encouraging and so creative!  It is really one step away from some darn good Ah-Ha moments!  And Ah-Ha moments are the jewels of life.  They are those golden moments when a light goes off inside your mind and you truly get something you never got before.  A level of understanding comes to you that brings you to the next level of your quest, desire, or focus.  This is the juice of life! 

Try it!  Try remembering a time in your life as a kid that was so pleasant, happy, fun and then let your mind go from there.  You will be surprised how fast your shoulders drop, your neck stops hurting and your mind clears…..



  1. I tend to day dream when I go for my walks or bike ride. I have my little Ipod shuffle, listening to my favorite music, I dream and enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

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