Posted by: youluckybum | April 27, 2010


Setting forth good intentions.  Just pondering this makes my mind go into overdrive.  How specific should I get?  How far into the future should I go?  How “good” should I set my intentions?  Do I need to set the same intention everyday for mundane things? Questions, questions!

Yet, when I do spend 10 to 20 minutes in the morning paving the way for my day in a positive light, my day is more positive!   I really can’t argue that point anymore.  It is true, plain and simple.

From an attitude of gratitude, to splendid ideas that seem to pop into my head from nowhere, setting forth good intentions is definitely a practice or discipline worth nurturing.  Maybe just the simple act of looking ahead in a positive way helps me to focus.  I know it helps me look at what I want for the day.  It also seems to help me appreciate what has come before.

When work seems a little tense or stressful, it helps me to focus on happier, easier times and realize how much I appreciate them.  When I have been sick, I always appreciate being well.  This ying-yang, positive-negative, up-down thing really is fascinating.  When I am down, I appreciate being up and I focus on being up (mostly) and pretty soon I am back up.  Once I am feeling better, I tend to lose my focus and start looking at things as they come and pretty soon I am not feeling so positive anymore.

It is definitely easier to look at what is before me and respond or react.  It is a bit more difficult to look at what is in front of me and think positive thoughts about what I want, and not what I am seeing in that moment.  Therein lies the difference in the ability to focus and to possibly create my own reality.  To look at what is and make judgments is one thing, to focus on what those judgments are telling me in terms of positive outcomes is another.

I will try to make this jump, leap, or maybe I should say baby step.  (That feels more encouraging).  I will focus on what I am wanting, and try not to obsess about what I am seeing or experiencing if it is not to my liking.  Any suggestions?


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