Posted by: youluckybum | May 4, 2010

Paving the Day

I am paving my way.  I am thinking about what I am wanting, what I am imagining and what I can create.  From a beautifully relaxing drive to work with open road (no traffic), to a workday filled with fun, fascination, laughter and joy, I know I can create what I am wanting by what I put my thoughts, focus and attention on.  The sky is the limit and yet I find the fantasy part a bit slow.  I am working on it though. I have historically been able to imagine horrific things to worry about.  So why is it more challenging to create positive things in my day and in my life?

My answer is that it takes some practice.  I am getting better at it all the time.  I find that some wonderful little inspiration will come, and then that is like a key that unlocks the door to my imagination.  Once I get started, I can really get going if I am not interrupted.  It is really such a great feeling and I am in a timeless bubble of wonderment and joy.

So let me give you an example of  my pavement.  I am walking into work and my co-workers are all tuned up.  They have had some major sales already this morning, and maybe two or three incredibly happy, fun clients and they are all smiling, happy and lined up for a great day.  As my computer is warming up, I look out the window of my office to see beautiful green trees and grass and the ocean in the distance.  I am in gratitude and appreciation.

My day unfolds beautifully.  Time flies by and I am able to focus, concentrate and complete the writing tasks I am wanting to finish.  All cooperative components are meeting me before I am even aware that I need or want something.  Soon it is lunch time and I am off to play with my dog and feed her and myself some lunch.

The afternoon is beyond description.  The weather is cool, mild and comfortable.  I have found all the information I am needing to move forward with my advertising projects.  I am clearing my desk of all the notes and references and everything is organized and easy to find.  Collaboration is happening on all levels.  I am given the green light on all that I am wanting to do.  Support is showing up from every where.  There is clarity of purpose and we are moving in the same direction and leaning more and more towards the successful completion of this project and others that have already been started.

I look up and it is time to go home.  Another incredible day has passed and I have played at work again.  My work is not work; it is play.  I enjoy it so much that it is not toil or trouble.  It is fun, easy, relaxing, productive, successful and enjoyable.

I return home and finish my tree cutting project outside.  I feel good.  I have done something physical which I am wanting to do each day.  I am sitting on my back deck, playing with my dog, and watching the sunset.  Perfect!  Another wonderful day in my world!


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