Posted by: youluckybum | May 27, 2010

Finding a focus

I am understanding that each day I need/want to find a focus point.  Something that makes me happy, excited, hopeful, reassured, in-the-groove, joyful, and delighted.  It doesn’t have to be big.  Just something that I can quickly and easily turn to when I find myself in a negative thought, or am overhearing a conversation that is not going in the right direction, or when I am feeling fearful or depressed about something.  Why?  Because when I catch myself thinking negative or depressing or fearful thoughts, it is so much easier to move away from those thoughts if I already have some other focus point.  Instead of thinking, “oh geez I need to think about something else quick….what?? what can I think about?,”  I can just easily and quickly move to my new preselected thought.

This may sound complicated, but it really isn’t.  And it does work.  I have been sending “blessings, love and light” to unwanted or negative thoughts or ideas for quite awhile.  It puts an end to that particular train of thought and leaves me feeling good.  It also usually allows me to move on in my thoughts to something more pleasant.  But not always.  So today my “happy focus” is going to be a question to myself.  The question is, “if I had a $1000 that wasn’t marked for paying bills, what would I do with it?”  This is a game I play with myself a lot at night when I can’t sleep.  It helps me focus on one thing and it usually puts me in a pretty happy mood.  It is also a game, so I can be as outrageous as I want!  Fun!

Try it.  Try finding something that immediately puts a smile on your face and keep that in your back pocket for whenever you need it.  You will be surprised how many times you actually use it, at first.  At least I was.  Have fun!


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