Posted by: youluckybum | June 21, 2010


If the purpose of my life is joy, I guess I need to define joy.  Or at least have a better understanding of what joy is to me.  I get that joy, like happiness, is an inside job.  My definition may not be yours. Yet without some clarity of what joy is to me, I think I miss it or ignore it or take it for granted.  This is not what I want.  I want to enjoy completely my moments of joy.

Actually, if I start with the premise that I am already there, maybe the bumps in my day will seem less steep?  If I am happy and into joy first, and some contrast comes along, I think I may be able to see it differently.  Interesting.

It is kind of like waiting for a dream-come-true to hit before you feel or acknowledge happiness.  To wait for some thing or event, or person to show up to be happy is really pretty wasteful and not very realistic.

I am going to think differently.  Today I am going to start off with the premise that all is well, that I am in joy and happiness and that my life is exactly, totally perfect in this moment.  Then as the day unfolds, and something comes my way that is not really what I am wanting, I want to acknowledge that and then move back into my allowing and joyful state.

I have never used this perspective before.  I really want to try it.  I think it can be a huge gift to myself to allow and feel joy and happiness right here, right now.  How about you?


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