Posted by: youluckybum | July 7, 2010

Lucky Bum!

I am a lucky bum.  Plain and simple.  For the most part, we all are.  We just don’t realize it or think about it too much.  Yet there are so many, many things we take for granted.  Okay, I take for granted.  I take my health for granted, I take my home and property for granted.  I sometimes take my family and friends for granted.  I recently changed jobs, so I don’t take that for granted too much.  I love my job.  I love my co-workers, my employers, my work space, and my learning curve.  I love it all AND I am grateful for such a wonderful change in my life.

I think I need to stop and smell the flowers and appreciate the rest of my life too.  I have  way more to be thankful for than not.  Yet I tend to focus on what isn’t working, or what I do not like, instead of what I do like.  This focus brings me down, causes me stress and doesn’t really feel very good.  So why do it?  Why is it so natural to look at the negatives way more than the positives?  Why is this my habit?

What has caused us to be entertained by other people’s problems? (reality TV)  What has caused us to worry more than appreciate?  I really don’t know.  But I understand that it is a habit of thought and that when my chest starts to tighten and my body feels stressed, it’s time to stop and redirect the focus of my thoughts.  We really only have two choices.  To be happy or not.

So…..I intend to always choose happy.  When I am happy I can solve any issue much easier and with more creativity.  So why choose anything else?  I don’t know; but we do.  Sometimes, it is almost like we have a contest with each other on who has it worse.  Really? Why do we do that?  Is there really a lot of satisfaction in having a worse day than someone else?  I find this ridiculous and I say, “You Win!”  You can win that game, if you want.

I, meanwhile am going to think of myself as the Lucky Bum that I am.  My life is filled with Lucky Bum moments, things, and  people.  And I look forward to more of all of these things…..because I am after all, a Lucky Bum!



  1. I wish I spent more time thinking the way you do. I do stop and take stock occasionally. When I’ve had it with the kids, stopping to think about the fact that my kids are healthy, and that my worst problem is behavior issues of a 3-year-old… that gives me a world of perspective. Kudos to you for this blog! I’ll be stopping by for perspective refills. 🙂

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