Posted by: youluckybum | July 13, 2010


If procrastination makes me tired and sucks all my energy, why is it so easy to do?  And why do I do it instead of something more productive and positive?  It feels to me like I have no energy sometimes.  No energy to go outside and play with my dog, or enjoy a cool breeze.  As I sit indoors taking inventory of all the things that need to be done, I just sink deeper and deeper into inertia.  I would love to know what this is about for me.  What brings on these bouts of inactivity and escapism?  What makes me want to veg out in front of the TV and not think?

Being tired is definitely part of the equation.  Feeling overwhelmed is too.  But why do I feel so overwhelmed one day and not the next?  Same conditions are still present.  And why do I stay up too late instead of recognizing that today I am tired and I need to go to bed early?  I really dont know.  I feel like there is one or two days now and again that I really just dont take very good care of myself or my life.

As I think about it, maybe the issue really is one of balance.  Some weeks I don’t have much balance.  It is all work.  Then I might sneak in a few hours of work on my weekend too.  Then I am really not balanced.  Pretty soon, all I am really doing or thinking about is work.  Maybe that is a big key to my questions.  Balance.

I have lived pretty unbalanced.  Work, kids, marriage all took a lot of my time; until recently.  I just went from one deadline to the next.  Now the kids are grown, the marriage is over and I dont have so many deadlines.  Work is the only constant in my life.  Hmmn.  Think I am getting something here.  No wonder there is no balance.  I haven’t really replaced previous deadlines with anything new.  Think I need to work on that.

How about you?  Is there balance in your life?  Do you find less procrastination in your life when you are balanced?  Definitely something I am going to look at in my life.  And something that I need to play with to find some balance.  Wish me luck!



  1. What an interesting post – it resonates with me 🙂 I too can find myself sitting there watching the clock go by with a tonne of stuff to do, and not energy or motivation to tackle it… I’ve found my answer…

    Have you built ‘fun’ time into your week? Time to just do what you love – perhaps a walk somewhere special, coffee out with friends, a swim even?

    If I move away from the overwhelm, have some fun – I come back energised having shaken off the stagnant energy and so much more gets done.

    Hope this helps? Ali xx

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