Posted by: youluckybum | August 19, 2010

Where is your Joy?

The most uncomplicated, clear, positive definition of our purpose for life that I have ever heard is one word: Joy.  I like it.  I like the idea that this simple, easy, relaxed state of being is our one and only true purpose.  Joy can mean a lot of different things to us all.  Yet, Joy is where you find it.  Joy is where you look for it.  Joy is as simple as a smile on a baby, and as complicated as we want to make it.  Joy is living in the moment, and being full of excited anticipation for an upcoming event.  Joy is that knowing hug from your mom and the thrill of riding a two-wheeler alone for the first time.  Joy is really in so many of our events, our memories and our hopes.

So where is your Joy?  Right now in this red hot minute, where is your Joy?  Is it the sun shining through your window?  Is it the flowers blooming in your windowsill?  Is it your cat napping on your bed?  Is it the feeling of belonging as you walk into your office?  Is it the feeling of relaxation as you crawl into bed at night?  Where and what is your joy?

I woke up feeling these questions this morning.  I am really looking forward to walking through my day today, remembering to ask myself this question over and over.  When you look for something, you are much more apt to find it.  When we look for joy, we will find it.  And how will that feel?  How will that change my day?  I think it will change it drastically and simply.  I think an attitude of joy is just the ticket for a great day….and a great life.  How about you?


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