Posted by: youluckybum | September 12, 2010

Appreciating My Good Health

I have been down with what Chinese Medicine calls Gallbladder and Liver Meridian deficiency.  Five days into no energy, (no chi) stomach pains and headaches, I finally realized I didn’t have the flu and I wasn’t getting any better. Duh!

I called the acupuncturist and booked an appointment.  On a holiday weekend no less. (Thank you Norma from the bottom of my heart!)  I walked in and started describing my symptoms, and she just kept saying over and over again, “ah yeah, gallbladder, ah yeah gallbladder.”  It was amazing.  They could have used me as a textbook case in gallbladder deficiency in some acupuncture school.

The relief I felt was immediate.  Relief that she knew what was wrong and could “fix” it and the physical relief I felt after just a few minutes of acupuncture.  Unfortunately for my body, I had let this go a long time without realizing I had a problem.  So it is going to take several treatments to get back to the place where I will say, I am 100%.

The good news is that some of the things that led me down this path have changed.  I no longer drink ice water.  Ice water and all cold drinks and food are hard on the stomach and digestion.  I did not realize that drinking 8 glasses of ice water a day was in fact taxing my stomach and digestion.  Now I do.

I also didn’t realize how sluggish my whole system had become.  I think this has been a classic case of seeing and experiencing what I don’t want, so I know more clearly what I do want.  I am so appreciating feeling good!  And when you are just moving along with your life and not really taking notice of how you physically feel, or maybe you do appreciate your health, but then get sick.  Wow, what a contrast!  From feeling lethargic and tired, to feeling energetic and productive.  I am amazed at the huge difference in these two realities, and grateful I am back on the path of feeling great.

It has been interesting to listen to the people around me discuss acupuncture and my return to good health.  I know it works and I am so lucky that I have such a great resource one mile from my house.  I am not asking others whether they agree or not, but they tend to tell me anyway.  Seems most people either believe in acupuncture or alternative methods of healing or they don’t.  I think it is much like the saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”   When you are ready to try something different and are truly not attached to the outcome, you will.  If life brings to you (or your child or spouse) an experience of poor health or a fearful diagnosis, then you are more apt to try something out of your normal comfort zone.  Otherwise you do not.

This is my story anyway.  I would not be trained in Reiki, have a cabinet full of homeopathic remedies and prefer an acupuncture treatment over a doctor’s exam if my life had not brought me to my knees in fear or distress over my child’s health.  You do what you have to for your loved ones.

So, if you have never tried it and you can find a licensed acupuncturist in your area, I encourage you to do so.  Some insurance companies cover it, but a lot of them do not.  That is really unfortunate and hopefully is changing as our awareness of healing is changing.

Just like the neti pot or zinc lozengers, there are so many things that once were considered far out and strange which are now considered normal and accepted.  That can be said for western medicine as well. My mother-in-law is on heart medications that were not even in existence five years ago!  Amazing!

I love the age in which I am living!  So many wonderful “new” things and so many wonderful “old or ancient” things that are available to us all!  Be well!


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