Posted by: youluckybum | September 28, 2010

Fantasy or Reality

As a true believer in the Law of Attraction, I am dabbling in the practice of what many would call daydreaming or fantasizing.  Most of what I have read and experienced regarding Law of Attraction tells me to not really put a lot of time or energy into what I am seeing and experiencing right now in this present moment; unless it is something I truly want.

The idea of that sounds great.  Actually doing it is a bit more challenging, although not impossible.  So for an example, if I wake up not feeling really great I can either pay a lot of attention to that and therefore give it a lot of my time and energy, or I can easily and slightly move away from thinking about it too much.  I find that when I distract myself with other thoughts, I gradually start to feel better.  I have gone to work many times not feeling a 100%, and by lunch time I am totally feeling fine and have forgotten that I woke up not feeling so well.

This example is much easier than trying to pretend or visualize myself feeling great when I am not.  When something unwanted is really in my face, it is best to distract myself with other ideas and thoughts completely.  Once I am feeling and thinking better, I can revisit what ever the issue is with a much clearer, easier mind.

The point of this blog is a more specific idea however.  I am now deliberately trying to visualize, daydream, fantasize, and pretend something I am wanting and how it would feel to me if I had it.  This process is fun, but not as easy as you would think.  Daydreaming was something we all did as kids.  Now, it is more difficult for me to stay with something long enough to really get a feel for it.  My adult mind also tends to over think, over judge and over emphasize the roadblocks to what I am wanting.

It does seem to get easier though.  I am also learning that it is not something you do once.  Each time I try to get to the feeling/knowing place of something that I am wanting, it does get easier and clearer.  To say I want to be healthy and feel good is a start.  To begin to really feel that and understand how that might feel differently is a bit more complex.  Not impossible, just more detailed.

So I am understanding that each day builds upon the next.  Today I may daydream about getting my front yard into shape.  Tomorrow I will start to think about what real grass would look like and how much better that makes me feel.  Then how a few big boulders or stones placed here and there would look and also keep the dogs from getting under the house.  Pretty soon the whole idea is not hard to imagine or think about anymore.  At that point, Law of Attraction will begin to meet me.  The perfect landscaper will appear, or someone will have extra turf to sell, or something that cooperates with my desire will show up.

The surprising part about all of this is how difficult it has been to get specific with a desire or wish.  To say I want to travel more is easy.  To say with who and to where is a bit more challenging.  I have been afraid to get too specific because I don’t want to rule other options out.  So I am finding that some daydreaming involves specifics and others do not.  Again, as you start to really think about a wish or dream you have, you will find that oftentimes you are not very clear or detailed.  This is really okay, except that it is much easier to really get excited about something and to get a real feel for it if there are more details.

Try it.  Play with it.  Start small and move to something that is a real hearts’ desire for you.  When you start to feel a flutter of excitement and/or anticipation you know you are on your way.



  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your post and will definitely read the others. Have you read anything by Dr. Wayne Dyer? His books deal with these topics and make for enjoyable reading.

    • Yes I use to listen to his books in the car on the way back from dropping off the kids at school. I have also
      watched his PBS specials.

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