Posted by: youluckybum | October 13, 2010

Tell a different Story

I was listening to a CD in my car yesterday and the woman was telling stories from her childhood.  This made me think about my own story.  What is my story?  I know what my old story was.  But now I need a new story.  I am in transformation and I truly need a new story.  The old story is tired and worn out and pretty much irrelevant now.

What is my new story? Transformation for sure.  Transformation from wife and mother to self-empowered woman.  I will always be a mother, but my need to mother my children is done.  And their need for mothering is pretty much done too.

So who am I?  Maybe more importantly, who do I want to be?  I am pretty much basking in the feeling of freedom that comes over me every now and again.  The realization that I can go where ever I want, whenever I want is sinking in.  And I gotta tell you; I LOVE IT!

Somewhat like being in a candy store or at a gourmet food buffet, I get to choose!  And choose I do!  I have chosen to go away for the weekend of my 29th wedding anniversary (we are in the middle of a divorce), I have chosen to go to a Three Dog Night Concert on my birthday weekend, and I have chosen to go to some community classes on all sorts of things.  All very different and fun!  And not what I would normally do.

Trying to define who I am, or what my story is right now is too overwhelming.  I can say with some certainty what I am not, and what is not part of my story now.  But where my life is leading me in this current phase, I really don’t know.  And maybe that’s the point.  Maybe I don’t have to know?  Maybe I can enjoy it for what it is; undefined.  At least for now.

I do think spending some time on the story I want is valuable.  I think that is probably another post in itself.  But for now I am grateful that my life has really striped me of my old story.  It is just not current or even in existence anymore.  This is good.  Scary, but good.

I would not have made all the changes in my life that a cheating husband causes you to make.  It just wouldn’t have happened.  But it did.  And now I see the rainbow.  Now I see the positive aspects of what was probably the hardest challenge of my life.  And I am grateful and happy.  I am free of a depressive, oppressive relationship and I am free to move into the me that I want to be.  And hopefully the me I was meant to be.  That is my story.  How about you?



  1. I, too, have undergone a huge life transformation that wouldn’t have happened without hitting bottom in a bad marriage. Nobody wants it to happen, but if you can use it to remake your life into what you want it to be, it’s well worth it. It sounds like you’re doing just that–good for you!

  2. Hello again! I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve added your blog to my new ‘Recommendations’ page on my blog! I can remove it if you so wish, but please let me know.

    I don’t get that many visitors at present (but I’m expecting the numbers to increase exponentially very soon…!) so you may not see a vast change to your visitors to start off with…

    Thanks, Tom.

    Oh, and as you are the author of your story… Make it a great one!!!

    • Thanks very much for the recommendation! And the reminder……I am the author of my own story!!

  3. Hi! Hope you don’t mind, found your site via a recommendation from aquatom1968.

    Great entry – I love the auto-writing/self-writing/self-narration thought threading through this. That we don’t actually have a word for creating our own stories, our own narrative is really interesting…Enjoy the writing of your unique and beautiful story! I will enjoy reading it.

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