Posted by: youluckybum | October 16, 2010

The “Condition” of Money or Health or ?

My ah-ha moment this morning was realizing that having money or not having money, feeling good or not feeling good are all conditions.  They are not permanent, nor are they really finite.  “Having money” or “not having money” is a very personal and skewed thought.  So is every other “condition” we can think of.  So if my “having money” looks and feels totally different from your “having money”, I think I am safe to say it is a personal choice or announcement. So really all our “conditions” are  personal and pretty much self-described and maybe even self-inflicted.

I can always find some reason or excuse not to be happy.  But the idea that I have to be “condition” free to allow myself happiness is really self-destructive and crazy.  And the more I dwell on a “condition”, the worse it usually gets.  No amount of worry or self-doubt is going to change my “condition.”  But realizing that this “condition” is temporary and not my fault and not necessarily something I have to “fix” is pretty great.

Better yet, the feelings of possibility start to stir.  This “condition” is not permanent. Nothing is.  So instead of obsessing about it, how about seeing as just that; a temporary condition?  The sooner I can really feel that, the sooner I feel better.  And the better I feel, the clearer my thoughts and ultimately the happier I am.

Another way to put this is: Do you even remember what your worries or “conditions” were this time last year, last month or last week?  So why spend so much mental time and energy at them?  Why not be more present in your life and try to remember today for as long as you can?


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