Posted by: youluckybum | October 24, 2010

Defining What I Want

I have decided that contrary to popular belief, I am going to think about and maybe even write down what I want.  As a child we were somehow discouraged from this.  I remember daydreaming in school and how that didn’t work out so well for me.  Teachers wanted me to be present and pay attention.  I understood that and eventually the ability to daydream, zone out or fantasize about a different reality or time was pretty much gone.

Now I want it back.  I think it serves a great purpose.  I think focusing on what I want helps me to be clear. This clarity helps when choices do need to be made. It also offers up possibilities.  Instead of choices being so black or white, there really can be shades of gray.  For example, if I am wanting to go on a trip and that’s all I really think, then the trip is not very clear or even exciting.  But if I say I want to go to Europe and spend at least a month, now the mind’s eye picture is much more vivid and alive.  There is a flutter in my heart and the possibilities of that trip come flooding in like crazy.  The excitement for me is truly there.

Why is that important?  Because with clarity and excitement the true possibility is born. My options become clearer and my actions towards my goal can be plotted out.  Do I have a valid passport?  What is the best time to go weather-wise or vacation-wise? etc. etc.  Once I am able to really start thinking logistically then the reality of my desire is so much more attainable.

Compare all that to, ” gee it would be nice to go somewhere, sometime.”  Big difference.  So let the defining begin!  From mundane tasks such as cleaning up the kitchen to joyful tasks such as buying a new suitcase, I think being more specific and as focused as possible, is the key to a joyful, productive and satisfying life.



  1. I think you’re right: daydreaming is great, and getting specific is the bridge to action.

    • I like that. “Bridge to action” is a very good way of putting it. Thanks!

  2. Oh, totally write the things you want down, tell as many people, as often as you can that you want these things, shout them to the skies, wish upon the stars and think about them every moment, with every breath. I like the act of writing it down, putting it paper, it is a lot like casting a spell or praying – projecting your will into the universe, creating opportunity and allowing the universe to know exactly what you want. Have an amazing month-long stay in Europe!

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