Posted by: youluckybum | October 31, 2010

What are you Becoming?

After surfing through WordPress looking at the blogs on Law Of Attraction, and listening to my latest Abraham CD, I feel compelled to write this question: What are you Becoming?  Abraham discusses the topic of becoming and I think it is a wonderful way to look at where you are verses where you want to be.

I can only speak from my own experience with any real truth.  My experience lately has been that I have not been looking and thinking about where I am going or what I am becoming.  I have been thinking about where I am and what I am not becoming.  Huge difference in these thoughts and in the feelings of these two perspectives.

Take just one of your negative thoughts today and turn it around.  Just one.  As you read this blog and think about how you should be doing something else, stop and turn that thought around.  Think about the person you are becoming.  Think about how great it is that you are on a journey of self discovery.  Think about how much you have learned, how much you have grown and how much happier or contented you are now than you were a year ago.  Think about this time next month.  What will you be doing? Where will you be? What will have changed in your life in a positive way?  Think about who you are becoming?  Are you becoming more organized? More relaxed? More athletic? More confident? More creative? Happier? More adventurous? What? What are you Becoming?

Go there in your mind or on a piece of paper.  Write the story with as much detail as possible.  Get into it.  Focus on it, be there with it and FEEL how great it is!  The feeling may last a long time or just be a flicker.  No matter.  Just go there in your mind’s eye and in your heart as much as you can, as often as you can. And then wait and watch.  Approach it as you would your birthday or Christmas; with anticipation.

As this coming week flies by, enjoy the signs that begin to show you your story!  They are there!  Sometimes very subtly at first, but they are there and they will continue to grow bigger and louder as you get better at your new story of becoming.

I would even suggest doing this with several things at the same time.  Then your focus is not so narrow and you are not so likely to think some negative thought of disbelief.  Negative thoughts are the eraser to your new story.  They can negate your becoming anything.  But they can also help you to understand where you are on any given subject.  So don’t just try to push them away.  Look at them and examine them if they are big and bulky in your story. They can help you figure out what you may want to become next (more positive), or guide you to another avenue of self-discovery that you might not of taken (classes, coaching, reading, etc).

With great anticipation I ask you again, Who are you becoming?



  1. Oh, process philosophy, I love process philosophy. This entry is surprise treat! Here is an incorrectly quoted poem by Basho that you may like:
    To learn from the pine tree
    You must become the pine tree.
    And to learn of the bamboo,
    Become the bamboo.

    I’m becoming human.

    • I like your percentage idea. To be at 95% is a pretty fun idea! Think I will try that today and see if it leads me to higher numbers or lower numbers! Thanks!

      • It is kind of funny isn’t it, that humans could be measured like this? That such a measure could exist? For me, it is a useful tool to gage how I’m feeling and how I function best – it is also useful in explaining to others how I’m feeling. It means that I always have a good answer when people ask me how I am. The funniest thing is that we understand percentages better than a many verbs – I can tell you that I feel wonderful today, but isn’t it easier to understand 100%?

  2. I’ve enjoyed reading your post – I love anything that makes me think in a different way. Do you know, I thought I was always looking at what I was becoming, but something in your post made me realise that I am always looking at what is holding me back. That Abraham… they certainly have a way of making you think differently! Thank you for posting!

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