Posted by: youluckybum | November 7, 2010

Focus Wheels

I love focus wheels.  I love the way they soothe me into a different space or emotion.  I also love showing other people how to do them.  I have had such dramatic positive results with focus wheels that I am always eager to teach the idea to someone.  And I am constantly amazed at how many people don’t use them even after they know how.

I am definitely one of the luckiest people I know because we talk about Law of Attraction at work EVERY DAY!  We actually have an “Abraham” meeting with the whole office every morning!  How amazing is that?!

I have taught everyone at work how to do focus wheels and they love doing them together at the office.  But none of these people do them at home alone.  Together, we have done many and so I know they all know the process.  But somehow or other they believe they can’t do them alone.  So maybe teaching the process isn’t enough.  Or maybe we all have to come to our own processes as we are ready or as we need them.  Either way, I am here to tell you that Focus Wheels work for me and I will get up and do them in the middle of the night when I am tossing and turning.

I have some Focus Wheels that are not even complete.  I just have focused on what I DO want in the center and done enough positive, downstream statements to support what I want that I get half way done and I can feel that my energy on the subject has changed and I am relaxed and feeling good and I just don’t need to go any further in that moment.

I encourage you all to try doing a focus wheel on a subject that has you upstream or frustrated or irritated or unsettled.  Write down the opposite of what you are looking at (what you DO want) in the middle of a piece of paper.  Then likes spokes on a wheel, come up with a sentence or two to support what you are wanting.

The key to this is to back up to a place where you feel good.  Do really general statements or affirmations first.  This allows you to feel good about the subject and be ready for the next best thought.

For an example, I will think, “I want to lose weight.” So in the middle of the piece of paper, I would write that desire in a positive way. “I want to lose weight” is not exactly the most positive way to say it.  I think I would use, “I want to feel and look good in my clothes.”  Something like that.  A statement that is truly a positive desire.

Spoke #1 would be something pretty general and positive to get me started like, “I know that Law of Attraction will bring to me what I am thinking about, and I love thinking about feeling good.”  This is a pretty easy, general statement that allows you to feel more positive than negative.  Then, do spoke #2, adding spokes until you have 10 to 12 or until you can really FEEL the difference in your desire.

Spoke #2 could be something like, “I love knowing there is nothing I have to DO.  I just need to FEEL good!”

Spoke #3: “I love looking and feeling good.  I love moving in the direction of what I am wanting.”

Spoke #4: “I know my body is constantly balancing itself at all levels.  I love knowing that I am always moving towards health and well-being.”

These statements are not drastic.  They just soothe me into a place of allowing.  I am not telling myself I have to limit calories, or run an hour a day.  The point is to focus on what I am wanting in a way that allows me to feel better and more hopeful than I did before.

Try a focus wheel or two!  When you get to the place that a thought has definitely made you feel better about what you are wanting, you will understand my enthusiasm for focus wheels.  They are definitely worth the time and effort.  Enjoy!



  1. I’ve heard of Focus Wheels from somewhere before, but I’ve never used them. I am currently feeling good in most areas of my life, but there are a few areas that could do with a bit of an improvement, so to speak. I think I’ll give this process a try and see what happens!

  2. never heard of Focus Wheels before, but the process sounds intriguing. i’m not sure i understand the process – do you have any examples you are willing to share so i can take a look-see?

    • I have a million focus wheels! Let me find one that is a good example and get back to you. I will also tell you about the most dramatic one I did that made me a true believer!

      • i look forward to it!

        (i’m picturing you in a room full wheels of every sort – which is kind of odd, ‘cuz in my brain you look like your banner…and there are a lot of wheels – many different colours too, so that is nice…)

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