Posted by: youluckybum | November 15, 2010

Everyday is a Good Day!

I have decided that I can have a good day whenever I want.  If my perspective and attitude are on the positive, then every day is a good day.  It is very similar to looking at the glass half full. But having a good day is more encompassing.  It requires looking at something that is possibly not what I want, and making the conscious effort to realize it, and to pivot away from it.  Pivoting away from something is easier if I begin to think about what I do want.

We have had several great discussions about this at work.  We are all in agreement that the contrasts of our lives may not be very comfortable sometimes, but they are somewhat necessary.  Without them, we really don’t grow or learn or expand.

Think about it.  Do you consciously appreciate a quiet neighbor?  Or once you have had a loud neighbor, do you then appreciate a quiet neighbor?  Do you wake up every morning and freely appreciate that you can get out of bed on your own and that you feel great? Or only after you have been down with something icky and really sick, do you appreciate your good health?

This seems to be the way our lives really unfold.  Take something for granted until its gone or looks and feels different, wish you had the former back again and then appreciate it tremendously when and IF you get it back.  Or you decide you really don’t need it after all.  Either way, there is still the swing of the have or have not of most things.

So with that in mind, every day is a good day.  Every day either gives us what we want, or shows us what we don’t want.  Either way it is a good day.



  1. Spot on! I totally agree – I thinking the challenges which we face help us to grow (we have often attracted those challenges through our thoughts, so there must be a lesson there!).

    Feeling gratitude and appreciation fills us with the same ‘love’ chemicals which are so good for our all round well being and loving ourselves is the key to our happiness… so it’s all fab! Great blog as usual! 🙂 xx

  2. excellent. i love that you’ve stated something that we often forget – we have choice, we are not merely subject to the winds and whims of the things that happen or the people around us. we give them meaning and decide how to measure and weigh them.

    thanks for the great reminder!

  3. I particularly enjoyed this entry because it is about something we all know and keep forgetting. Being aware of and having gratitude for what we already have rather than moaning about what we don’t.

    A couple of times I asked the audience I was speaking to, if they were happy right at that moment. They just looked at me blankly. I then asked if they were in pain at the moment, or thinking of some painful memory (it was in the middle of my discourse and they were absorbed, so I felt safe asking these questions). It dawned on them that they were, indeed happy and it was very rewarding to see their faces light up. I forget, myself, from time to time. That is why I loved reading this entry and meeting someone who feels the same. Have a happy day 🙂

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