Posted by: youluckybum | October 19, 2011

Expecting something different

Why is it that I continue to expect something different from someone that continues to do what they have always done?  Why do I continue to allow myself to be disappointed with this?  In other words, why do I have any expectation at all? Or more importantly, why can’t I stop expecting other people to do what I want?

This personal expectation of someone else is a formula for disaster.  It is also a two pronged formula.  First, there is the feeling of expectation and disappointment on my part.  This prong is like a hamster in a cage.  I am going absolutely no where with it, I am exhausted by it and it benefits me, not at all.  The second prong is the deeper issue.  Pinning my happiness or well-being on someone else’s actions.  This is very unhealthy, unrealistic and causes me great discord.


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