Posted by: youluckybum | April 9, 2011

Stop! Breathe! Smile!

I have already shared the bat and box technique with you to unleash my anger, rage and hate.  I have also found that screaming in a closed car when I am by myself in the garage has been quite useful as well.  Let’s face it, there just are not that many places that you can go scream and not have someone hear you.

Once the deep dark feelings have come up and hopefully been released, I find that I feel a bit empty and displaced.  This usually lasts a short time and then I really don’t know what to do next. So I try to stop, breathe and smile.  I have no idea why this seems to work for me, but it does.  I think it is a technique that forces me to be in the present moment.

The overall point here is that it is okay to not only have negative feelings, but to actually feel them and let them have their way with you (so-to-speak).  I have often started crying and felt I would never stop only to find that after 12 minutes, I am done.  It can be exhausting and somewhat draining, but the good news is I ALWAYS feel better when I am done!

Coming from a family that didn’t allow negative feelings to be acknowledged,  this is all pretty good stuff.  How can you let go of your anger, hate, revenge, frustration, hurt or pain if you aren’t even allowed to admit you feel any of those things?  So to allow my negative feelings to surface and not stuff them back down again is huge.  To allow them to come up and actually feel them and accept them is monumental, for me.

I am not always aware that I harbor all that emotion. Not yet anyway.  But it is coming.  I am beginning to recognize the tightness in my stomach and shoulders.  And thankfully, I am not having any more migraine headaches.  So I am on the path.  What path?  The path of  freedom, balance, abundance, joy  and health.



  1. I agree that it’s important to feel and express the full range of emotions afterall, we’re not robots. I believe it’s about choosing not to ‘live’ in a negative emotional state but to visit that place when we’re drawn there. Venting by screaming is fantastic, although sometimes I’ve found that when I move away from the location where I feel frustration to somewhere ‘safe’ to scream – I no longer feel the need to let out the scream, it’s just gone and I’m feeling happier. Thanks for sharing you thoughts 🙂 Ali

  2. “primal scream therapy”?

  3. It sounds like you had a similar childhood to me with negative feelings being totally unwelcome, so it’s great that you can let them come up now. It frees you to feel the full spectrum of the good stuff as well.

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