Posted by: youluckybum | October 28, 2011

Trust and Faith

I had a good friend tell me last night that I needed to trust myself, trust my progress and trust the tools that I have learned to use in my journey through life. That really pulled me up by my ears.  I was telling him that I was afraid to start a new romantic relationship because I was afraid I would give myself away again.

I could actually feel the fear and loathing of losing myself.  Of people-pleasing myself back into a place of complete invisibility.  I was really allowing myself to go back and relive history.  To relive pain and fear and angst.  But thankfully, I have great friends that call me on my stuff.  Instead of allowing me to tell my old story, they usually demand the new story.  It truly is amazing when you start to think and talk about the present or even the future and not the past.

And my friend was right.  I do need to trust myself and all that I have learned.  I may start down a familiar unfriendly path, but I know that I would feel it fairly quickly.  I know myself and I trust myself enough to know that I can never walk the same path again, nor do I want to.  I get to make new choices and new plans every day.  And I get to take all that I have learned with me!



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